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Nottingham rocks in this exciting take on the legend of Robin Hood which is fresh yet traditional. The production is designed for family viewing, with loads of exciting and hilarious characters, a variety of entertaining musical numbers and a plot full of excitement and adventure. Told as an origin story, we begin in a happier time when Nottingham is wealthy and prosperous. A young orphan Robin and his twin sister Hazel arrive with big hopes to open an archery shop, but immediately run into trouble. King Richard has recently left for the Crusades, so the rotten Sheriff of Nottingham and his avaricious fiancé, Lady Blackwood, seize the opportunity to tax the town blind. Robin quickly makes an enemy of the sheriff and eventually becomes a wanted outlaw! By the time he escapes to Sherwood Forest, he has met all his legendary friends, Friar Tuck, Little John, Marian, among others and has brought the team together to help return what is stolen from the poor and eventually bring the evil sheriff down. Loaded with action, chase scenes, prison breaks, and an archery tournament, audiences will especially love the awesome score by the award-winning Rockwell and Bogart. With a wealth of ensemble numbers, it blends medieval ditties into upbeat rhythms and tempos, perfectly capturing the timeless spirit of our outlaw hero!


Rockin’ Robin Hood examines the effects of greed on a community and how a society chooses to counteract disenfranchisement based on its choice of philosophies of leadership. The story employs the use of characters from English folklore, and explores the socioeconomic effect of taxation as the main concept that underscores the entire piece. Within this story, the audience will witness the realities of friendship, rivalry, a chosen family and politics within the aforementioned context. The story is able to skillfully explore the complex circumstances that may present themselves in the form of classism and oppression that are evident among people in many societies. The unifying theme that facilitates the cohesion of this story is that of justice. The principle that everyone receives what they deserve is inherently conflicting based on varying ideologies. The audience therefore considers the notion that those who are predisposed to positions of authority have an alternative perception to justice than those who are not. Each of the characters in the piece have a unique relationship with the concept of justice, which is presented as the abusive enforcement of the law as well as the retaliation of a people to whom the law has been abusively enforced upon. All characters share an opinion about those in positions of different levels of authority. There is also an important component of the story that reflects contemporary society. Connections can be drawn to government corruption, egalitarianism, and social revolutions. The Author has echoed modern history in a sociopolitical context that captures almost every facet conceivable thus far given our recent global history. This essentially manifests great conflict in the piece from which The Director is able to explore and bring to life the stories of these characters as relatable archetypical historical figures. It will challenge students of all ages to delve deeply into the constructs of modern society, delivered within an enjoyable and comical genre.

The Creative Team

The Creative Team 

Jelani Corbie           Christopher Sookhoo      Triston Wallace             Sydney Darius            Celena Espinoza              Rene Stephen