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A new and innovative experiential entrepreneurship training model and mentorship programme that fast tracks learning using prototyping, simulation and case studies. Apart from employing the most modern methods of training,  we provide practical solutions to common problems faced by entrepreneurs in today's economic and social climate.

Unlike other training systems, our solutions driven model aims to resolve problems and issues uniquely experienced by your business, providing one on one mentorship and advise. We aim to fast track your business development and growth by examining multiple solutions to unique problems through careful analysis of the market space, case studies, available systems and resources, and aapplication of a combination of proven and innovative solutions.

This training allows you to explore the full potential of your business model by challenging your imagination and forcing you to ignite the spark of innovation. We demystify costing and pricing, packaging, and distribution and exporting. Our training incorporates real time logistics for optimum market exploitation. 


For startups, we assist in registration, banking, online payment solutions and foreign currency accounts. We focus on identifying your customers, creating awareness of your products and services, and above all, providing your customers with the best value and service.


You will be provided with the real life, real time solutions you need for taking your business to its full potential, creating sustainable value for you and all your stakeholders.

Let's get started right now!

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