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Native Caribbean Foundation

Is a registered Non-Profit Organization which seeks to be a Corporate Socially Responsible Company through the nurturing of a culture of social and environmental stewardship.


With the support of, and in partnership with entities which seek out cultural and environmental business models, we aim to provide entrepreneurship advice and support, business consultancy services, and mentoring to startup companies within the creative and performing arts sector.  


We endeavor to inspire innovation and creativity to ultimately nurture new companies to become viable and profitable entities, and to achieve full potential to export creative and cultural services regionally and internationally. By working alongside the education system within the primary and secondary schools, we hope to create an awareness and desire within our youth to pursue entrepreneurship and establish a culture of best practice and professionalism within the performing arts sector.

Native Caribbean Foundation also seeks to partner with organizations that share a similar vision and objective, regardless of financial capacity. In keeping with this philosophy, we engage in involving our young and aspiring artistes in the visual and performing arts sector, in activities which showcase their talents to the widest audience, which include their peers. We also seek to provide our young visual and performing artist with opportunities to showcase their talents, at no cost so opportunities are provided to all regardless of their financial position. The organization provides training, costumes, refreshments, transport etc. for all their productions at no cost to the participants.

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